Remi Tinubu Disregards Human Lives, Refuses to Acknowledge the Insecurity in Nigeria

If Remi Tinubu is putting this much effort to silence Sam Adeyemi, a man who as a n APC member has refused to keep quiet about the insecurity in Nigeria, what will she do if she eventually becomes the First lady?

She said that “Are you in PDP (Peoples Democratic Party)? Are you a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” during the lamentation of how bad the insecurity is and the need to call for foreign aid.

I believe that everything Sam Adeyemi said is worth talking about. People are getting kidnapped, people are dying and it looks like the Buhari administration is not concerned. So, if some decides to talk about it and another person refuses to acknowledge such, I’m not sure such person has the best interest on Nigerians in mind.

Do you think that a call for foreign aid will help and reduce the rate of insecurity in Nigeria?

What is your opinion on Remi Tinubu?

Will you be voting for Tinubu come 2023?