Rapper Cardi B Reveals That She is Pregnant With Baby Number 2

Famous female rapper, Cardi B revealed that she is expecting her second child with her husband Offset. This was revealed to the general public during the BET Award ceremony and her performance with her husband’s group, Migos.

She can be seen with the protruding stomach as she mounted the stage to perform.

Cardi with a baby bump in her new post on Instagram

Remember that she filed for a divorce last year. A divorce which she later called off and decided to give Offset another chance. It sure looks like everything is going on well as she is prepared for a second child just three years after the first one.

A lot of people also couldn’t help but commend how she juggles motherhood and her career. She was said to be the representation of “you can be a woman and still have it all”.

What do you think? Is it really commendable that Cardi B goes through pregnancy and still maintains a perfect stage performance?

It is a wonder how cardi juggles being a rapper and also bears children. She still served us with a hot single this year with baby kulture number 2 on the way.

A woman i stan!

Anyways, i hope offset doesnt do falafolo this time.

The baddest b is pregnant with another baby. I am happy that she and offset are finally working their issues out and are even ready to have another child. Having a career and wanting a family at the same time works really well with her

I know right, most women would have to choose between having a successful career and raising a family, but it is really great to see women win and at the same time bear kids.

Look at Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, they are raising a family and at the same time are beautiful entertainers.