Rapists are Now to be Castrated as Nigeria Passes the Law

The efforts of women’s rights groups in Nigeria have eventually paid off after a new law that now allows rapists to be castrated has been passed by the Governor Kaduna state, Malam Nasir Ahmad el-Rufa’i.

This law entails that rapists who are found guilty of raping children under the age of 18 will undergo the process of castration which is the removal of a man’s testicles while for the women, a bilateral Salpingectomy will be done on them which means the surgical removal of both bilateral fallopian tubes.

While for those who rape children under the age of 14, a death sentence will be awarded to them.

This new law negates the old one that only awards a 21 year imprisonment for rapists who rape adults and a life sentence for those who rape children.

This new law shows the stronger and better action that needs to be awarded to rapists in Nigeria as it has been on the rise lately.

What do you think about this law?
I believe that this is a law well deserved for rapists in Nigeria and I think that other countries should also adopt this form of punishment for rapists as this will help to curb the rate of rape incidents in the world.