Rape, Robbery Attacks Force Residents Out of Home in Ibadan

Imagine having to leave your home because of the increasing rate of insecurity in the area. This is the reality of some residents in Ogunde, Arijo, Wajawaja, Isatola, Tapa, Olomo and other communities in Apete, Ido local government area, Ibadan Oyo state.

Turns out that armed robbers have been terrorizing the people of these communities forcing them and even the landlords to leave their homes and find refuge somewhere else. The residents also complained that they got almost no help from the police and that the perpetuators of this evil act are still at large.

This situation is disheartening and would make one wonder why the Nigerian Police even exists. The new formed task force known as Amotekun are also yet to intervene.

What is your reaction to this?

With the rate of insecurity in the country, do you think a time will come where Nigerians will have no choice but to acquire fire arms in the name of defense?