Pro-Buhari Supporters paid N1000 to Counter June 12 Protests

This seems to be a failed attempt to counter the ongoing #buharimustgo protests across the nation as some people were mobilized and promised a thousand naira to support Buhari and his administration.

Buhari and his entire administration must be really desperate to save face in the course of the ongoing protest, if not, why the need to pay people to say that they support you?

Protesters across the nation have also been brutalized during the course of the protest , especially protesters who gathered at the Gani Fawehinmi park in Lagos.

There have been reports that tear gas was used on the peaceful protesters and some rounds were even fired at them.

This points to the fact that the government and the armed forces are capable of handling serious situations and the insistent insecurities across the country, but for some reasons best known to them, they choose not to and Nigerian has become a home for terrorists, bandits and kidnappers.

What are your thoughts on these?