Pregnant Unmarried Police Woman Kicked Out Of The Force!


I know a lot of weird things happen in Nigeria, but this particular one takes the entire bag! It kinda feels like I’m new in Nigeria.

It turns out that the Nigerian law has a lot of restriction on women in the public sector, both unmarried and even married women.

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I believe that this law was born out of patriarchy and subjugation of the feminine gender, if not, why subject a woman to get married only after 2 years of being in the service and after getting the permission of her DPO whilst non of these applies to the men? And, why kick them out of the force because they decide to have a child while unmarried?

Does having a child necessarily have to be a bad thing? What if it was her personal decision to have kids and not commit to the institution of marriage?

But for real guys, is this really necessary? sacking a woman from the public sector because also got pregnant out of wedlock. Of course it might appeal to one’s moral sense and all, but I think this is more of a personal issue and it shouldn’t affect where you work or your service to the country.

What are your thoughts about this?

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