Police Arrests 13-Year-Old AK47 Operative For Killing Two Bandits

Abdulkarim Mati, is a 13-year old boy who was taken away from his parents by bandits under the gise of rearing cattle and cows but only became an errand boy to bandit leader, Ardo Nashaware, in Birnin Magaji forest, Zamfara State.

This minor was was also trained by bandits to use the AK 47 rifle and serve as a guard for kidnap victims in the forest.

13-year-old Mati was arrested in his hideout on Saturday after he fled from the scene where he killed two older bandits who bullied him. Following his arrest, the police were also able to nab two other bandits said to be terrorizing the community.

What are your thoughts on these?

What does the fate of 13-year-old Mati hold? Do you think that there are laws to protect a minor in situations like this? Do you also secretly like the fact that he killed other bandits and he shouldn’t even have to be arrested?