Pastor Adefarasin Warns Nigerians, tells them to leave the Country

It would be hard to disagree with what the senior pastor of the House on the Rock Church, Lagos has to say about Nigeria.

In his preaching on Sunday, he advised Nigerians to have a plan B and make moves to leave the country. In his words “Get yourself a plan B. Whether that’s an Okada to Cameroon or flying boat to Seme Border. Do whatever you can to see you leave this country.

He further emphasized on the type of politicians we have in Nigeria. He called them “jokers” and asked that they should not be partisan at this time because no nation has ever survived two civil wars.

Do you think that another civil war might be brooding in Nigeria, especially since the Biafrans and the Nigerian soldier are at it again?

Do you find the pastors advise useful? Wouldn’t it be wise to actually have a second option incase everything turns out worse for Nigeria?