Oyo State Government Vs Late Senator Ajimobi's Family

It has been reported that the delay in the burial of the late governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi was as a result of some kind of disagreement between the state government and the Late governor’s family concerning where he can be buried.

According to media reports, The family initially requested for and was granted approval for the late governor to be buried in his Oluyole Estate residence. The approval was necessary as the Estate is a Government Reserved Area and it is against the law for people to be buried in GRAs in Oyo State. The report went on to say that it was after approval for the Oluyole Estate was granted that the family decided the late governor would be buried on another property he owns at Oke Ado. The Oke Ado property is under litigation between the late governor and the Oyo State government.

In a viral video posted on twitter by the Cable, the wife of the late governor was seen accusing the Oyo State of not treating her late husband well when he took ill till he died. She accused the state government of playing politics. She said the Stae Governor or even the Deputy didn’t call or text her during the trying period that the former governor was ill. She said several other things. You should watch the video.

A summary of all she said can be found here

So these bring us to the big questions:

  1. Is it true the family changed the burial location from Oluyole Estate to Oke Ado? Is Oke Ado truly under litigation? If it is under litigation, would it have been right for the former governor to be buried there? Under what conditions would this have been acceptable?

  2. Though Gov. Makinde claimed he called Mrs. Ajimobi when her late husband was in the hospital but she didn’t answer, why did he not send delegates, aides to see the family? Why did he not send a text message when she did not answer the call? Like Mrs. Ajimobi, most people do not answer calls from numbers they don’t know. Surely, this practice is even stricter with high profile politicians.

  3. Is such a high calibre person like Mrs. Ajimobi right for not having the phone numbers of her husband’s successor?

  4. Why didn’t Gov. Makinde personally pay the Ajimobis a condolence visit, instead of sending the Deputy Governor? Is Mrs. Ajimobi right that Gov. is still playing Politics?

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