Oyo State Government to Abolish Roadside Hawkers in Seven Days

Roadside Hawking has been in practice for decades as it’s a common form of business to children and sometimes adults who would offer their goods to you on the while you’re on the road.

Well, this practice is quite helpful as a lot of people get their needs and wants without having to come down from their vehicles or look for a shop where to purchase goods.

But, at the same time this is not the healthiest practice as a lot of these hawkers constitute to the reasons for heavy traffic, rowdy traffic and even sometimes their lives have been in serious danger or even cut to an end because of running around moving vehicles.

This practice also shows disorderliness on the Nigerian roads, and sometimes hawkers tend to steal from the people who patronize them.

The truth is that is just one way to look at it. It turns out that to these hawkers, it is their only means of livelihood especially now that there are no employment opportunities out there for them.

So, this seems to be the most difficult and hardest time for them as the Oyo State Government wants to put an end to roadside hawking.

So, how can this be justified? Should an end be put to road side hawking in Oyo State? Or you see no reason when an end should be put to it?