Oyo, Osun Youths Protest Over Fuel and Electricity Tariff Hike

Students and youths were seen in their hundreds in Oyo and Osun State as they protested over the increase in fuel price and the hike in the electricity tariff.

This protest shows their displeasure over the current situation in Nigeria as people who have been financially crippled one way or the other because of the covid-19 pandemic now have to pay more than they ever did before to the government.

It is good to know that the Nigerian youths are also ready to fight for themselves and their future and not for only ‘Erica’ of the Big Brother Show.
Nigerians are also optimistic that a change will be effected to the increased tariffs as a lot of people are against it, but with the look of things, it seems that this current change is here to stay.

Or, do you think that the Nigerian government will listen to the clamor of the people and return the prices of these products as they were before?