Onion Traders Vow To Stop The Supply Of Onions To Southern Nigeria

During a press conference in Sokoto on Sunday, the President of the National Association of Onion Producers and Marketers, Aliyu Isa have promised to stop the supply of onion to the south of Nigeria.

The stated reason for this new development is due to the destruction of goods and properties by unknown hoodlums in the south. He made several instances of how goods were hijacked from trucks and stolen in the south and yet they received no form of compensation.

He also pleaded for law and order to be restored in the states so that they can continue to conduct their businesses.

Although, Isa made quite a number of instances indicating the loss and destruction that has befallen goods sent from the north to the south and how the government has refused to compensate them, but one can’t help but think that this is the north trying to starve out the south like they did in 1967 to 1970 or what do you think?

Do you think that these are reasons enough to stop the flow of food to the south?