On Behalf of African Countries, Buhari Begs European Union for Debt Relief

“President Buhari seeks debt relief for African countries, says purchasing power parity will reduce corruption, speed growth.”

“It is in this vein that we solicit the support of the French government with its influence in the European Union to lend its voice to the efforts being made to mobilize additional resources for developing economies most especially Africa in order to strengthen the quantum of investments to our economies."

With African Countries in mind, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has called on European countries, global financial institutions and even private sectors to help in granting debt relief.

The question now is, do you think that getting more debt relief or funds from other countries will help to combat insecurity, corruption and other vices in Nigeria?

Perhaps, this request for debt relief might work in other African countries, but I doubt it will make any difference in Nigeria as it might give our leaders more channels to loot from.

What is your reaction to this?

Do you think that this request will plunge African countries more into debt or not? Is it possible that there will be a significant change if the EU decides to come to our aid?