Oil Production Facility Explosion Kills Seven People

An explosion that left seven people dead occurred at the Oil Mining Lease 40 on Tuesday.

The Mining Lease is operated by the Nigerian Petroleum Corporation which is located in the Benin Valve Station.

This unfortunate incident was said to have occurred during the installation of a ladder to ease the discharge of the Gbetiokun production, but this resulted in an explosion and seven died as a result of this.

Also, this isn’t the only oil exploration-related explosion there has been in Nigeria. There have been oil rig explosions that have left a number of people dead. For example, the Nigeria Pipeline explosion that left about 250 people dead, and the pipeline explosion in Bayelsa that killed about 50 people, there have also been other cases of fires on oil fields and so on.

This leaves us to ask; are some of Nigeria’s marginal field operators operating safely? Are these companies safe enough for people to work in?

How can unforeseen explosions like this be prevented? What could have been the cause of the explosion? Will there be an investigation into what caused the explosion because the families of the victims deserve an explanation or to know what caused it to as to prevent it from happening again or will the NNPC just carry on like nothing happened?

Let me know your thoughts on this.