Ogun State government Suspends Commissioner Over Sexual Harassment

It is not surprising that another Nigerian Leader was found wanted for sexual allegations, It is however surprising that he was suspended for it.

Ogun State Commissioner for Environment, Abiodun Balogun has been suspended by the Ogun State Government following an alleged attempt to rape a 16-year old girl and student of the state, Barakat Melojueku.

Barakat Melojueku was said to have sought after the commissioner in search of a job but instead, she was felt-up and bribed with 2000 naira to keep mute of the incidence.

It happened that during the weekend, a video that entailed the sexual harassment went viral and in less than 24 hours, the Area Commander for Ogbere Police Area Command in Ogun State launched an investigation into the case and in no time the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department (SCIID) took over the investigation.

Now, the Commissioner has been suspended and thoroughly interrogated due to the pending investigation, and with the way the case is being handled, it is possible that that justice will prevail.

I must say that it is quite surprising the amount of dedication and efficiency that has been employed in this case. Usually, when there is a case of sexual harassment in our locality against a ‘big man’, it is usually swept under the carpet, or the victim’s voice is bought.

Either ways, justice doesn’t always prevail in cases like this, but it seems like an exception has been made for this case.

Or is it possible that this is another political ruse and that the girl was indeed planted to cause this ruckus that will displace the Commissioner from his position, especially since it is unusual for cases like this to even be investigated?