No More 'Intrusive Rape Test' For Pakistani Girls

Pakistan amongst other conservative countries like Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Egypt and even Iran has a high value system that strictly frowns upon premarital sex, and as a way to ensure that their girls are ‘untouched’ and their honors are intact, they conduct virginity tests to proof if they are sexually active or not.

Although, the West in general, Feminists and Human Rights Activists frowned upon this, this practice was fully operational in Pakistan till 2020 and rape victims weren’t excluded.

It makes absolutely no sense for a virginity test to be carried out on a rape victim because having sex even if it is an unconsented one automatically rules out the state of being a virgin, but I’m not sure this was well understood in Pakistan as they carried out virginity tests on rape victims using the intrusive method also known as the two-finger method.

The two-finger method involves the insertion of two fingers into the vaginal to check the level of laxity which will determine if the person has been sexually active or not.

Well, much to the joy of Pakistani girls and human rights activists who filed that this practice should be banned, on Monday, the 4th of January, 2021 this practice was banned in Pakistan.

The Lahore court ruling banned all forms of virginity test as it offends the personal dignity of the female victim and therefore, it is against the right to life and right to dignity.

Despite the ban, do you think this will cause a change to their oppressive system of honor?

Neighboring countries to Pakistan, India and Bangladesh banned the intrusive test in 2013 and 2018 respectively, it has done a little or no change to the social system that shames rape victims, isn’t it possible that this also be the case for Pakistan?