Nigeria's Population Hits 206 Million

We’ve always thought that the Nigerian population was a figure between 180-190 million, but the Chairman of the Nigerian Population Commission, Nasir Kwarra made it known that the official Nigeria population is 206 million.

Amazing right!

Especially with the fact that no detailed census has been conducted in Nigeria since the year 2006 and we are in 2020, so I’m wondering how exactly Mr Nasir knows that the current Nigerian population amounts to 206 million.

He also claimed that the current population of Nigerians were as a result of his estimation by looking into the 774 local Government in Nigeria. He also dismissed a question on when another census would be held since its been 14 years the last one took place.

The chairman claimed that it is up to Buhari to decide when another election will be held which makes me wonder why he is the chairman of the Nigerian Population Commission if he cannot conclude on when a census can be done.