Nigerians Reaction to Changing Nigeria to United African Republic

There are reports that the Nigerian National Assembly has received a proposal to change the country’s name from Nigeria to the United Africans Republic (UAR).

The stated reason for this new development is due to the fact that the name “Nigeria” was not coined by a citizen but was given by Flora Shaw, wife of colonialist Lord Lugard. It was also said that the new name will help promote peace and unity.

Well, I’m not sure if changing the name of a thing riddled with problems will help solve the problem. Coming up with a new name, new attire has never solved anything.

In my opinion, this new development is an indication that the government is not listening to Nigerians, because if they are listening and they are aware of the problems gutting this nation, they’ll know that a new and fancy name will solve nothing.

At lot pof Nigerian have also reacted to this and have voiced out their opinions on twitter and most of them are not ready commit to the change. Here are a few reactions below: