Nigerian Government Gives 2 Weeks Ultimatum To Link NIN With SIM Cards

Its no news that the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has given a two weeks ultimatum to all Nigerians as well as Telecommunication Operators to register their sim cards with their National Identity Numbers or face the consequence of the sim card being blocked.

Honestly, I’m not sure this makes any sense, Why now? To what end? It seems like the aim of the Nigerian Government is to frustrate it’s citizens .

Perhaps, this new method will enable easy tracking for scammers, kidnappers and other criminals, but isn’t the time frame awarded to this too small?

Could this also be an initiative to keep Nigerians busy and lead them away from focusing on the major issue in Nigeria (the abducted boys) at the moment?

How does reregistering with our National Identification Number (NIN) provide any importance or improvement to the system?