Nigerian Central Bank Deputy Governor Still Believes A Northern State Governor Is Behind Boko Haram

A former Central Bank of Nigeria Deputy Governor, Obadiah Mailafia, said on radio that the leader of the Boko Haram insurgents was a northern state governor.

His statement sparked many debates on how true or false his allegations were.

After he released this statement, Mailafia was detained by the DSS who questioned him for six hours. He was also asked to retract his statement but he refused to do so.

Judging from his adamant and bold declaration about the leader of the boko haram being a northern state governor, even though he didn’t present any evidence, do you think he’s right or not? Do the things happening collaborate what he’s saying or this is mere conspiracy theory?

I feel we shouldn’t just dismiss his allegations, even though there may or may not be truth to it. The government should investigate, and probably get him to disclose more details that could help the government. Most times, there is no smoke without fire.