Nigeria, Not Among One of the Most Dangerous Cities in the World

Maybe we bribed our way out of this list.

Nigeria is now a blooming zone for criminal activities and should now be considered as one of the most dangerous places to live in since our criminals are cruising around free and even getting paid by the government.

It is fast becoming a normal incidence for students to be plucked out of classrooms by bandits or for young men and women to get assulted by our very own security operatives. I don’t think anyone (perhaps except Lai Mohammed) will contest the fact that Nigeria is one of the most dangerous places to live in.

Well, different cities in the country has a peculiar crime that dwells and flourishes in it, so, what form of crime is most popular in your area and how do you keep yourself safe?

In Nigeria, there is no day that will passed without hearing any crime or negative activities. Crime has becomes one of the myriads of problems surrounding Nigeria’s. To be honest, Nigeria is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. For example, In Onitsha, Anambra state, there has been a lot of crime being committed by people like pickpocket, arm robbery, killings, Rituals, kidnapping.
These crimes has been escalating for a very long time without anything being done about it. Our government has see it as part of daily activities. But for me, I keep myself out of crime by concentration and by minding my business.

well said!

The height of it all is the kidnapping and rituals. If you are a child, a woman, a virgin or an albino, you are at risk of getting kidnapped for ritual purposes in Nigeria. Even going to school is now an hassle as you can be kidnapped by bandits. And despite all the task forces that are being created here and there, i don’t think anyone has gone undercover to pinpoint places or people that perpetrate this evil acts. Even minding your own business these days sometimes doesn’t help. As a Nigerian, staying vigilant and ever careful is the new approach to life.

Exactly, vigilante and carefulness is the only way one can keep itself from crime. Everybody should join hands and make our Country safe
We pray for a better Nigeria one day, the Nigeria where we will live without fear, Injustice or prejudice.