New Punishment For Traffic Offenders in Lagos

A total of 44 cars were auctioned off in Lagos after their cars were seized following a violation of the traffic rules.

One of such violation is driving through the opposing lane of a ‘one way’ road in lagos which is the common form of traffic violation in Lagos.

well, things didn’t go well for the owners of these cars as others present at the auction outbid them in the bidding process.

Some of these offenders were seen in tears as they couldn’t retrieve their cars from the Lagos State Task Force on Environmental and Special Offences Unit.

It was also said that this punishment for traffic offenders is here to stay and this will serve as a way to discourage the breaking of traffic rules.

I believe that this will prove as an effective means of discouraging law breakers on the road but at the same time, isn’t this punishment too harsh? what about seizing the cars for a month or two rather than auctioning it.

Let me know your opinion on this matter.