New Cholera Outbreak Looms In African Countries

A fishing village in Londji, Cameroon has just recorded 12 deaths from a new cholera outbreak. There are also about 83 more cases of people suspected to be infected with this disease with only 62 confirmed cases.

Although, signs of this epidemic was first noticed in June after four villagers died of cholera related symptoms, a vaccination outreach is still yet to vaccinate the occupants in the village to contain the spread of the virus.

Not only Cameroon has noticed this epidemic, Cholera outbreaks have also been confirmed in Kenya with a death toll of 13 and several confirmed cases.

In March 2020, Burundi also declared having a new cholera outbreak, same as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and some other African countries.

This calls for serious attention before it escalates into a pandemic that can’t be controlled in African and might even spread to the rest of the world as it did to Africa in 1971.

With everybody’s attention squarely focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, don’t you think we (Nigeria) should not lose sight of other diseases that can easily and quickly escalate to a pandemic such as cholera, Lassa fever, Ebola, new strain of influenza, and even the new strain of pneumonia that China is claiming is happening in Kazakhstan?

I think that more awareness should be created to prevent the spread of cholera especially in third world countries like Nigeria, while we are also combating the COVID-19 pandemic.