Netflix is Getting More Involved with Nollywood..... well deserved or not?

Its no news that netflix has been involved in the production of a nollywood movie titled LION HEART.

This caused a lot of excitment because it meant that nollywood movies are starting to get recognised in the international world of entertainment.

well, we thought that after lion heart, netflix was done with us but it seems not.

Netflix is now involved in more nollywood movies as nigerians will now premiere in ‘Citation’,which will premiere in November, Òlòtūré which will premiere in October and King of boys ii which will be released in 2021.

well, this means that this is just the start of international invovlement in Nigerian movies.

I believe that the only question to ask here is that: Do you think that this is well deserved or is it just sheer luck like some Nigerians believe?