NAF Conducts Air Strikes On Terrorist Camps In Sambisa Forest

It is a general and common knowledge that the Sambisa forest is the home for Nigerian terrorists. Based on its geographical location at the outskirts of Borno and Nigeria entirely, the sambisa forest also serves as a border between Nigeria and Cameroon.

This makes it easy for these terrorist to carry out raids in the northern part of Nigeria and even in Cameroon. Terrorists have now dominated the Sambisa as they have various camps and hence have a better knowledge in Navigating their ways around the forest unlike soldiers.

Not knowing how to navigate their ways in the forest unlike the Boko Haram Terrorists was a huge disadvantage to the soldiers and their raids weren’t always successful, so they turned to air raids which seems to be a better idea.

An air raid on two of the sambisa terrorist camps was carried out on the 14th of November after the camps were spotted and confirmed, the Nigerian Air Force Jets took turns in giving direct hits.

well, I believe that air raids on terrorist camps like this are more effective with less military causalities involved. What do you think about this?

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