N675 Billion For Arms And Training Nigerian Soldiers?

Will it worth it?

A total of N675 Billion Naira has been set aside for arms and training of Nigerian Soldiers by the Nigerian Government.

The Federal Government has decided to spend N500 Billion on acquiring arms, N100 Billion to train a total of about 8000 soldiers o combat the Boko Haram and the last of the money will be awarded to the Operation Lafiya Dole, to be used in their operations against the terrorist in the Northeast region.

It is good to know that the Government has set aside such large amount of money to deal with the problem of insecurity in Nigeria. The fact that there will now be new and combat-worthy arms to deal with this issue and even newly trained soldiers to combat the terrorists is almost enough to make one feel safe in Nigeria.

But one question still needs to be asked. Will this whole plan follow through?

Can we be sure that the sectors that needs this money will be properly funded for the fulfillment of this plan? Or is this another channel for for Nigerian Politicians to launder money?

Is it also not possible that the new gear and arms might be used against civilians of the street if we take to account what happened at the Lekki Toll Gate?

I believe this new development might give an average Nigerian mixed feelings. One will be to the idea of being safe from kidnappers and terrorists, the other will be to being harassed or maimed by a trigger-happy military personnel.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.