N16 Million Awarded To Girl With Highest JAMB Score

Egoagwuagwu Agnes Maduafokwa of Louisville girls high school was awarded a sum of N16 million by the Nigerian Society of Engineers due to her outstanding performance in the 2020 JAMB examination.

She has a total of 365 out of 400 which makes her the student with the highest score in the whole federation. She is interested in studying engineering in the University of Ibadan.

She was awarded this cash price in an event organised by the Nigerian Society of Engineers. The event was themed “Unveiling of UTME Examination Engineering Candidates” because the top ten students of the JAMB examination applied to study engineering in the university.

Source: https://news-af.feednews.com/news/detail/f63162dbd7d59980acc3fbad74712142?client=news

Is NSE setting a precedence that students who have outstanding results in JAMB examination will now be rewarded or is this a one time thing?

What other rewards can be awarded to outstanding students? Would a scholarship or a good job as the case my be for graduates be befitting for such students?

Will this motivate students into putting more effort into their studies?