N-Power:What Makes You Eligible And Is It The Answer To Youth Unemployment?

A new set of applicants are set to commence with N- Power registration tomorrow 26th of June, 2020. This initiative was created to empower Nigerian youths who are unemployed, it provides them with a basic job to work with the government and earn 30,000 Naira per month for graduates and 10,000 Naira for non-graduates. The process for registration is also going to be done online by accessing the NPower official website.

There are 400,000 slots said to be open for Npower jobs in Nigeria. However, these jobs are not just for anyone, you need to have a certain level of education to qualify for this program. These certifications include:

  1. SSCE (Senior secondary Certificate Examination) certificate
  2. OND (Ordinary Level Diploma)
  3. NCE (National Certificate Examination)
  4. HND (Higher Diploma certificate)
  5. B.Sc, M.sc and P.h.d

With the following certifications, you’ll be eligible for the NPower program.

Question is: Surely, millions of Nigerians will meet the requirements; so what will you have to do to get it if only 400,000 slots are available? Is it on a man-know-man basis? Fasting and Prayers?