Motorcycles Might Be Banned in Osun State

The Governor of Osun State, Gboyega Oyetola has expressed his displeasure over motorcycle operators in the state of Osun and their involvement in the recent looting and vandalization of properties which led to the curfew in Osun.

He also limited their operations to just 8pm at night and a two-week ultimatum for full documentation and registration of all commercial motorcycle operators or risk suspension of their operations in the state.

He blamed the bikers for aiding the looters by transporting them and even for making an attempt on his life.

Well, with all his reasons, iā€™m not sure if they are reasons enough to ban the use of motorcycles in the state because not all of them were involved in the crimes listed, but if you have a varying opinion, let me know your thoughts about this in the comment session.

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