Married Underaged Girls Shouldn't Be Given The Right To Vote

I’m not sure which side I’m with on this opinion. First, underaged girls and teenagers that are not up to the age of 18years are allowed to be married off, but these girls are not to be allowed the right to vote.

So, if it is believed that they are matured enough to be married, why not believe that they are matured enough to vote?

Well, Senator Kabiru Gaya didn’t see it this way even as married girls are to be considered as adults in the Nigerian constitution, a married 16-yearold girl or woman as in the case of the married ones, shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

What are your thoughts on this?

Construction is Constitution. Rules are rules. If the Constitution said that; they must be up to 18 years before they vote, let it be. Remember when Constitution are neglect because of some favourable gain’s, the society is set backwards.
So, let adhere to the use of construction, whether they had ten children’s or not.