Man Kills Fiance, Commits Suicide Over Paternity

Its no news that a 39 year old Lagos resident allegedly tortured and stabbed his wife to death in the most brutal way one can imagine over the paternity of his second child before proceeding to commit suicide by taking a poisonous substance.

The couple, who were set to marry in August 2020 which is barely two months from now, are identified as Chris Ndukwe and his fiance identified as Olamide Omaiuwa Alli.
This unfortunate incidence happened after he went to the Canadian embassy to get the country’s visa for his fiancé and his two children. In the process, only for him to be told he is not the biological father of the second child, as a DNA test result carried out on the children claimed.

It was reported that out of depression he took to torturing his fiance by binding her hands and gagging her mouth before proceeding to pulling out her braids with a pair of pliers and stabbing her eyes and body. It was reported that about 11 stab wounds were found on her.

So let’s even think about the whole situation:

  1. Does killing your fiancé over the false paternity of your child solve any problem? What did he think he was going to achieve by killing the mother of his child and committing suicide?

  2. What should have been the right action for him to take after finding out he his isn’t the father of the second child? Could divorce have been an option?

  3. If his fiance had opened up to him about the paternity of the child, is there a chance that his reaction would have been different from what happened?

  4. Shouldn’t the couple have gone for a second opinion? We know how some of these things are

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