Man found dead after stowing in the landing gear of a plane heading for Netherlands from Nigeria

A man who is yet to be identified was found dead in the landing gear of a plane that left Nigeria for Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands, a journey that takes between 6 to 7 hours. Reports shows that the man possibly lost his life to hypothermia; a condition that kicks in when you are in a place with a very low temperature.

And for a journey that long, the temperature must have dropped to minus zero, hence the cause of his death. The police are currently looking into the man’s identity and the real cause of his death.

Here are a few things that can cause death to stowaways in landing gears:

  1. A stowaway can be crushed to death by the wheels of the plane during the wheels retraction.
  2. A stowaway can fall to their death if they loose their grip due to excessive pressure from the plane’s altitude.
  3. A stowaway can suffer from frost bite or die from hypothermia if there are harsh weather conditions during the course of the fight.

Would you consider taking such a risk in search of greener pastures?