Male Students of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Objects to a woman Contesting for Student Union President

An average Nigerian thinks that women shouldn’t lead, and this boils that to different reasons, individual perspective and cultural orientation. Becoming a Student Union president shouldn’t be limited to men, rather it should be determined by who is best fit for the role.

If this reaction was given to a woman contesting for such position in the 80’s and 90’s, perhaps everyone including women might have supported this because of the form of patriarchy that existed in those days. But now, things have changes, women are more ‘woke’. They are aware that they have a choice and a voice and they are challenging the patriarchy than ever before.

Women demand equality in all dimensions which includes social, political spaces, so i believe that it is a backward and primitive to think that because she passes urine while bending down, she is unfit to rule. It is also quite disappointing to know that educated men still reason the way those men responded to the post.

It is true that most universities have males as the Student Union President and mostly females as the vice-president, but the world is evolving and women know they they can rule as well without necessarily being the vice to the president, I mean look at Kamala Harries and Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, they are women and they have gotten to peaks no woman has ever gotten to.

I believe that this is becoming a positive influence on women and women should keep breaking limits and challenging the patriarchy.

What is your reaction to this?
Do you agree with the comments given by these students?
Why do you think men always feel threatened by a woman who wants to lead? Could this be as a result of having a fragile ego?