Louisiana Legalizes Abortion

The United States supreme court on Monday ruled against the Louisiana law regulating abortion clinics in the state. This ruling is said to be the first abortion ruling during Donald Trump’s regime.

Chief Justice John Roberts together with four of his colleagues delivered the ruling that the Louisiana law which imposes restrictions on doctors who perform abortions violates the right made by Landmark Roe V Wade ruling in 1973. .

Although, this restriction has been lifted, it is still feared that the right to get an abortion still remains a right on paper .

Other states in the US also battle from different abortion rights. For example, the court in May this year refused to reconsider reinstating the Indiana state ban on abortions due to several reasons.

  1. What is your take on abortion as a whole? Do you think it can be legalized in Nigeria? Or is it against our moral and religious belief ?

  2. Do you think that legalizing abortion can help to control a Nation’s population and also to control the number of children in foster care as well as those on the street?

  3. Do you think that Abortion is solely a woman’s right as believed by some people?

  4. Do we see a situation where aborting will be legalized throughout the United States? Recall that that is how the Marijuana issue started

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I think a woman should have total control over her body and what grows in it.