Livestock Breed Programme, A Solution to Framer/Herdsmen Clashes?

Mrs. Eno Olotu, the Deputy Director, Information, in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development made it known that the Federal Government is launching the National Livestock Breed Improvement Programme (NALBIP). This programme is set as a solution to the Herdsmen and Farmers clashes that have led to bloodshed and insecurity in the country.

The programme not only serves as a solution to the clashes, but also as an initiative to increase the production of dairies and livestock all over the country. It is no news that Agriculture play a very important role in any economy, so investments and more focus needs to be placed in the Agricultural sector in Nigeria, maybe we will have a chance in totally ending the crisis that has enveloped our farmers and herdsmen.

What do you think about this?

The Government didn’t exactly explain how the programme works, we are only aware of the results. Is it ok for Nigeria to totally rely on this method?