LASTMA Officials and Their Continuous Fight For N100

It no news that security agents in Nigeria are also bribe collecting agents. In as much as you access the road either as a passenger, a bus driver or as a motorist, you much have given at least a N50 or N100 bribe to the police or LASTMA.

This corrupt act has become so common and normalized that these security agents not longer hide it. This is why they openly attack and harass citizens who refuse to offer them money as a way to bribe them.

Over the years their targets have changed as they are not very interested in public transport drivers and motorists but now in young men and women who seem rich and can be easily tagged as yahoo boys and pick up girls and can be extorted of a larger amount of money through the use of mobile transfer.

Just on Thursday, two LASTMA officials were caught on camera fighting and harassing bus passengers over N100 bribe and it took the efforts of other bystanders to break up this fight.

Several youths and upcoming celebrities have taken to social media to complain and lament on how security agents unjustly detained them, harassed them, collected their phones and made them transfer money from their accounts into the accounts of this security agents.

It is sad to know that despite these complains and lamentations, not much has been done concerning this issue in Nigeria.

As a young woman or man, have you ever had an ugly experience with security agents? What exactly happened and how were you able to bail yourself out of the mess?

What must be done to put an end to this? Do you think that security agents adopting the use of body cameras will help to reduce the rate of bribery and corruption surging through them?