Lagos State Government Mandates Approval For Weddings That Will Encompass 300 Guests

Its no news that of recent, there has been increasing cases of covid-19.

Due to this, new rules and restrictions have been put in place to curb the spread of this virus.

One of the new rules that has now been made compulsory by the Lagos State Government is the need to request for an approval for weddings that will encompass over 300 guests.

The Lagos State Government introduced this rule so that for such weddings and other social gatherings, safety marshals will be put in place to enforce strict adherence to the covid-19 guildlines.

But, will Lagosians really adhere to this rule?
Do you think that, this will be effective in curbing the spread of the virus?

With the increasing amount of weddings that take place everyday, do you really think that the Government can keep up with the ‘safety marshals’ to be deployed to ensure that safety measures are put in place?