Lagos Floods: Will It Ever End?

It is not news that whenever it rains, especially for for long hours, most parts of Lagos get flooded. It has become as constant as the seasons, without fail. In fact, it is to be expected.

See some pictures below



Many reasons have been attributed for this scourge, but the the most common is the blockage of canals and other drainages in the state by buildings, dirt, garbage, weed, etc. In fact, this research project summarizes the causes with a chart as shown below

My questions are:

  1. We have heard severally that the entire Lagos (or is it mostly the Island?) is below the sea level. If that is the case, does it not mean that it will be a huge battle to prevent the floods, whether there are functional drains or not?

  2. Now that we have found ourselves in this situation, what would we have to do to make the problem go away? Would mass sand-filling help, and can it be done?