Kwara State Government Shuts Down 10 Schools Due to Religious Tension

The Ministry of Education and Human Capital Development has decided that the best way to resolve and conclude on the issue of the use of Hijab in 10 public grant-aided schools and schools founded by churches should be to close it down until further notice.
I mean, depriving these students of their studies because of the inability to agree to and sit on a decision that benefits all about the use of hijab.

Mission owners in the state like Cherubim and Seraphim, ECWA, and the parent body, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has turned against this decision. These christian mission owners were responsible for building the schools which were turned over to the state government to run and now, students might have to start using hijabs which is in accordance to the Islamic religion and has somewhat agitated the christian mission leaders.
Meanwhile muslim leaders continue to stand with the decision and the mission owners also asked that the schools be returned back to them if the government plans to move forward with this.

But, shouldn’t religious dressing patterns be optional, especially to students as they also have a right to religion. In as much as students are decently dressed, there shouldn’t be a need to dictate how to religiously dress in a educational institution. But then, it is somewhat difficult for Nigerians to separate religion from other aspects of the society that’s why they probably won’t leave this decision to the students.

The questions I have are:

  1. Why does the State Government need to dictate what women wear in secondary schools? I mean, its an educational institution not a religious institution.

  2. At the end of the day, students are still being kept out of schools. How do you think this entire controversy will play out? Will the state government yield and turn over the schools to the mission leaders?