Kingsley Moghalu: Nigeria's Next President Should be Igbo

Kingsley Moghalu, the President of the Institute for Governance and Economic Transformation (IGET) stated during an interview that “it will be injustice if the next Nigerian president is not Igbo”.

How does one’s tribe affect a leadership position? Perhaps, having an Igbo president will relieve IPOB members of the discrimination and prosecution they are currently passing through.

But, I believe that at this point, Nigerians should be more concerned about voting for a better candidate regardless of the tribe he belongs to, or do you also support moghalu’s claim?

I however support his opinion when he was ask about pantami. Moghalu claimed that, Pantami shouldn’t have been made a minister in the first place as he shouldn’t have passed the security clearance given his terrorist sympathizing past.

What are your thoughts on this?