Kidnappers Now Disguise As Security Operatives To Kidnap People.... Nigerian Police

The business of kidnapping and banditry is obviously now booming in Nigeria and except of the everyday warnings from concerned Nigerians, little or nothing has been done about it.

Nigerians now leave their homes wary of whether they will return or not. Every phone call that comes in triggers a thought process of whether or not this might be a kidnapper calling for the ransom of a family member or close friend.

And now that Nigerians are beginning to adjust and live in caution, kidnappers have now device another means of adopting people. They now impersonate security personnel’s to carry out fake arrests to unsuspecting targets.

This was the case of one Mr. Cyprian Okechuku in Hadejia town, Jigawa, as told by the Police in Jigawa.

Criminals disguised as NDLEA agents went to the house and forcefully tried to take him to their ‘office’.
He noticed their locally made pistol which is unlike that of any security force in the country and then proceeded to struggle with them. It was said that people around the area heard his cry and were able to alert the police who came to his rescue.