Kidnapped Greenfield Student Returned to his Mother

We are all aware of the kidnapping of 22 students and a couple of staff members from the Greenfield private school located in Kaduna.

The kidnappers led by one Sani Idris Jalingo, popularly known as Baleri, as he identified himself requested for N100 million naira and 10 motorcycles to be delivered in exchange of the students on or before May 4th or he will have them killed.

Since then the parents and the entire nation has been on edge as to what will be the outcome on this since the Nigerian Government has done very little to help the situation.

About five of these students were also killed just days after being kidnapped.

And now, there are reports that one of the kidnapped students have been released after his mother negotiated with the bandits responsible.

The question now is, what did she do that the security operatives in Nigeria have refused to do in order to get a kidnapped victim back without any causality?

What is the Nigerian Government planning to do in order to rescue the rest of the students still in captivity?