Joe Biden Officially Becomes The Democratic Nominee For President Of The United States

Joe Biden formally became the Democratic party nominee for the President of the United States of America. He will now compete against the incumbent, President Donald Trump of the Republican party, in the Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 polls.

In accepting his party’s nomination on Thursday, August 20th, he argued that:

America will choose hope over fear, facts over fiction and fairness over privilege

Some of the areas he believes the American president, Donald Trump, has failed in included

  • Protection of America

  • Handling of the current COVID-19 pandemic,

He essentially accused the president of not having a plan to fix the economy and handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, even after almost 4 years of being in power. he went ahead to say the president spent valuable time focusing on his own grievances and political interests.

The racial tension in the US right now makes this election very interesting, especially with many (are they many?0 people believing the president is racist. The president’s core do not believe he is racist; They believe is trying to make America great again as he promised. Whether we like it or not, racism is going to play a big role in this election. do you think otherwise?

Bottomline, the elections would come down to racism, COVID-19, and immigration. I’m not so sure the economy will play such a huge role, though there have been studies that show that the incumbent is always re-elected whenever the economy is doing well. The S&P 500 is doing very well…would this result in electoral victory for President Donald Trump in November?

You are wrong. The economy is the only thing that matters in the American election. Every other thing is just distraction.

You are right about the S&P 500. It is at the highest it has been in the past 1 year. See the chart below.


According to some folks, the performance of the S&P 500 especially in the 3 months leading to the election, can give an indication of who the winner of the presidential election would be.

It works like this: when the S&P 500 is trending higher as of three months before the election, the incumbent party usually wins; when the index is moving lower, the incumbent usually loses” according to Fortune

Right now, it is looking more like Donald would be re-elected.