Islamic State Already In Nigeria?

The Governor of Ondo State Rotimi Akeredolu, during an interview on channels television, has attested to the fact that the Islamic West African Province is already in Nigeria.

The Governor then went ahead to assure that Amotekun will help to fight this insurgency.

Well, I think ISWAP is also a fraction of the Boko Haram which was founded in Maiduguri and has been a terrorist group that has been existing in Nigeria since 2002.

Just like the Boko Haram insurgents, the major purpose of ISWAP is also to make Nigeria an Islamic nation and to enforce the practice of sharia law.

The question here is, why is this just being brought to the general public like it’s a new terrorist uprising that just landed on the shores of Nigeria?

Nigeria is still struggling to get rid of the Boko Haram, can Amotekun get rid of ISWAP? Shouldn’t Amotekun first test its strength in improving safety and security in the South West, especially in the areas of kidnappings, raping, ritual killings, etc before talking about terrorism?