Is Tribalism The Cause For Nigeria's Destruction?

There’s no doubt that tribalism and ethnicity have been one of the major issues in Nigeria, but what must be done to stop the feeling of alienation that comes with meeting people outside your tribe?

Nigerian Leaders are always quick to point out that tribalism is the cause for Nigeria’s problem but never come up with a solution to it.

I believe that in dealing with tribalism, one must first look at what it did to other African countries. A country like Rwanda sets the perfect example of what tribalism would do to a country if it isn’t curbed.

Rwanda was a country that has two major tribes but never truly accepted each other and eventually went to war with each other. A war that lasted 100 days and left hundreds of thousands of people dead, hence the genocide.

It took that extreme measure before a visionary like Paul Kagame transformed the country and ensured that ethnicity no longer prevailed. In fact, it is now illegal to talk about ethnicity in Rwanda.

But even with all these, it still leaves the question, how does Nigeria rid itself of ethnicity?