Is The West Trying To Depopulate Africa Using Vaccines?

If you are in Nigeria, you would probably be familiar with the arguments some anti-vaxxers (those that oppose vaccinations) put up about the COVID-19 vaccines that several companies have recently started producing.

Some of their beliefs are that:

  • The vaccines, especially since almost every human will receive it, is a means of creating a new world order. They wonder why if this was not the case, why some countries and even airlines be making the vaccinations compulsory. I remember some even accused the Nigerian Federal Legislators of collecting bribe from Bill Gates then, when they were trying to pass a law that would make it compulsory for all Nigerians to be COVID-19 vaccinated.

  • vaccinations are a means for the west to control the population of Africa. In other words, vaccinations are to depopulate Africa! They argued that since the west have not been successful in controlling birthrate in Africa through all the other vaccines (polio, measles, tetanus, etc) that they administer on our children, they went back to the drawing board and manufactured COVID-19 and then the vaccine, and are aligning with governments to ensure everyone (adults and children) are vaccinated. They claim this vaccine will do the work all the other vaccines failed to do (or are not doing fast enough).

  • Vaccines contain mercury and that the compound is not good for the human body. They claim the effects of these vaccines that contain mercury begin to be felt after the 3rd generation. This is probably the only point that is not steeped in conspiracy theory.

Most also claim that if vaccines were really a good thing, why did Bill and Melinda Gates, the biggest advocates for vaccines and vaccinations, not vaccinate their three children? This claim is actually false as Melinda Gates had stated in 2019 when this allegation first came out, that all her three children were vaccinated.

Bill Gates has also debunked some of the conspiracies especially about him having a hand in the creation of the COVID-19 virus in order depopulate the world or to benefit from it through the sale of vaccines.

Femi Fani-Kayode and Pastor Chris Okotie are very influential and notable Nigerians that are also accusing Bill Gates of sinister motives.

My question has always been if vaccines are the only means by which the west can depopulate Africa? I mean, we import almost everything from the West (and East); so couldn’t they easily put whatever in drinks, other medicines/medication (especially malaria medication), petrol, etc?

In fact, just recently I stumbled on a tweet by someone making similar argument 9though I do not agree to all she said)

If claims by the anti-vaxxers are true, is there any other way, apart from through vaccines, that the West can still achieve their depopulation aims?


Anti-vaxxers opposing vaccination of whatever kind have since been in existence. Hence, opposing that of Covid-19 whilst claiming it is to achieve depopulation aim cannot be so surprising.

Nevertheless, true or untrue, there are 3 most effective methods felt to achieve depopulation goal in the West aside vaccination:

Firstly, One- child and Two-child policies, and other policies restricting or discouraging births directly.

Secondly, Higher taxation of parents who have too many children.

And thirdly, Changes to immigration policies.

With these, depopulation aims can be achieved efficiently in the West.

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It is obvious even to the understanding of a layman that the Business man (Bill Gate) is in its peak to enforce the Vaccines in order to achieve his aim of reducing the population of Africans.

Dating back in 2019 when this Covid-19 saga was at it minimal level before it became a Global issue in 2020, Bill Gate and his team had been making concerted efforts to ensure that their plans concerning vaccination come to fruition. Now he’s debunking an allegation filed against him being a major player in the actualization of this so called Vaccination to Africa in particular.

It’s so pathetic that some of our Leaders are not prudent enough to understand this evil schemes by Gate and his cohorts. Why Vaccinating Africa? Why do focus most on Africa?

Surprisingly, when you look at the Vaccines there is an inscription which state that it shouldn’t be distributed in Europe and some part of the continent but to be distributed in Africa, and I ask why Africa? Before Covid-19 out break people suffer from Malaria and other deadly diseases yet they survived it, there was no Vaccines for malaria, no Vaccines for typhoid, no Vaccines for Ebola, no Vaccines for Gonorrhea and the likes but people survived it. Africans we have to wake up and take the bull by the horn by resisting this act of compulsory vaccination.

Just recently Amazon CEO(Jeff Bezos) declared vaccination exercise for his workers at the food warehouse. I watched a video of a lady who took the Vaccines and was lamenting bitterly that ever since she took the Vaccines she’s started having paralysis over her body. I saw this woman being deformed, I felt for her and this woman is an African based in Europe.

There was also a Video that went viral in China Museum where Africans are equated with Monkeys and other animals. Donald Trump once said that Africa is a shit hole and you think they (west) like you? Wake up Africa, wake up. Once bitten twice shy.


Right from inception, the West has always been on the opposite side against Africa. They want to depopulate Africa just to achieve their aim of ruling, controlling our resources, imposing unfavorable laws, dictating for us, etc. They know Africa is Blessed with rich mineral resources, and our soil is fertile so they see the need to confuse our leaders and making mouth watering promises.

There are so many reason why Africa is the major Target but however, the major reason is to Control our resources put us under duress without consideration. Vaccination is a Coporate Scheme used to Penetrate Africa in the guise of trying to help Africa, hmmm(funny).

Africa might have suffered backwardness but it shouldn’t be said in History that Ignorance and the quest for personal gratification made our leaders to reason like a Child resulting to the downfall of African Nations.

Vaccination is not the solution to Covid-19 cus the same symptom a Covid-19 patient have is synonymous to Malaria symptoms and it has been tested and proven that even most of the Malaria drugs also work for Covid-19 patient (e.g Quinine and the likes). So why Vaccination, have we not been surviving without vaccines? have this in mind, we’ll never have another Africa so let’s cherish and guard what we have jealously, and restructure our level of thinking.


The increasing population of Africa is a major cause for concern globally and locally.
Theories about the West trying to reduce the population of Africa has been on for a really really long time. There has been rumors of biochemical warfares through various diseases and drugs from HIV/AIDs to Zika virus and contraceptive drugs. The conspiracy theories about the Coronavirus and vaccine by the Anti- vaxxers are not any different. One of the major conspiracy theories about the Coronavirus vaccine revolves around the Gates Foundation.

According to the New York Times, misinformation about Bill Gates has become “the most widespread of all Coronavirus falsehoods” trending online. Of course there has been countless conspiracy theories about Bill gates for a long time and there has been international conspiracies about the Gates Foundation distributing dangerous contraceptives to unsuspecting black women as a way of reducing birth rates in Africa.
Conspiracies about the depopulation of Africa through Coronavirus Vaccination has also been linked to him in various posts, petitions and discussions.

There has been misinterpretation of posts and speeches by Bill Gates, doctored photographs and false claims including the allegations that he had bribed lawmakers in Nigeria to pass a compulsory Vaccination bill among many others. Gates population control conspiracy theories

Bill Gates has openly showed his concerns about the increasing population of Africa and its consequences so it is no surprise that conspiracy theories about reducing said population is linked to him.During the IMF/World Bank Spring meeting in Washington, U.S.A, April 21, 2018 on a discussion about Building Human Capital, he had said, " population growth in Africa is a challenge".

According to research, in the past 20 years, a billion people have been able to lift themselves from poverty, but on a global scale, this is a problem because of the rapidly increasing population especially in certain parts of Africa. According to projections, by 2050, the world’s poorest people will live in just two countries; Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. If that is not a cause for concern, then I don’t know what else is.

When asked about the solution to this, he talked about improving access to birth control and investment in young people’s health and education. Africa’s rapidly growing population

Take the immigration crisis in Europe and the US for example, more and more Africans look for the slightest opportunity to move to greener pastures ( i.e European countries), an average Nigerian dreams of leaving the shores of this country and never to return, even I would leave if given the opportunity.

The EU has been encouraging liberal open- border policies for a while and this has resulted in an influx of immigrants into Europe and America, they are beginning to realize what a huge mistake that is now. This influx of migrants has contributed to major issues like Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. The people now want “their country” back.

This goes a long way to show how much the increasing population in Africa is a problem for European countries and why they would want to do something about it. I agree that this provides grounds for conspiracy theories to portray their inner fears and thoughts about what solutions the West would come up with.

According to Gates, the European nations should take action to make sure that it is “more difficult for Africans to reach the Continent via the current transit routes” and to invest more money in Africa to improve the lifestyle of Africans to reduce migration to Europe. Depopulating Africa

According to Worldometer, there are 90, 783, 838 Coronavirus cases worldwide, over 1, 944, 951 deaths so far. Europe and the US account for over 54% of the global cases and 50% of the total deaths worldwide. worldometer statistics

Now I might be wrong but I think they are more concerned about “getting out of this” than killing Africans off with vaccines. They currently do not even have enough Coronavirus vaccines to go round their more than 1 billion population.

As Africans, our culture and religion play a massive role in our thought processes and overall conduct, while this might not generally be a bad thing, there are times when we need to put a pin on these things and reason logically. Do I believe there’s a good reason to be cautious? Yes. But logic is important in this, the West has had ample opportunity to depopulate Africa and yet here we are!

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Usually when I view articles concerning covid and all its associated conspiracy theories I usually take them with a pinch of salt because most people who channel this, I believe, do not know the meaning of the term vaccination and their opinions regarding it is rather myopic.

When a vaccine is made it is imperative we get as much people vaccinated inorder to curb/halt/break the chain of transmission of a particular disease, vaccination confers immunity, the more people resistant to a particular disease the reduction in its incidence, this particular method has been use to alleviate smallpox, polio etc so it’s no surprise why they need more people vaccinated and not because of some absurd reason as creation of a new world order, judging by the benefit of vaccination wouldn’t you make it compulsory as it helps to protect the lives of everyone.

The argument that the measles and polio vaccine were a weapon for genocide is quite laughable, it’s because of this polio vaccine that the world is now free from polio, these vaccines were made to protect not kill.

Vaccines are usually made for highly infectious diseases which are difficult to control in order to keep them in check.

Vaccines are not made of mercury they are actually live and weakened organisms, dead organisms, antigens, toxins, mRNa gotten from a pathogen that is capable of stimulating an immune response when introduced into the host without causing harm to the host in order to confer immunity to the host


This conspiracy theories about vaccines being used to depopulate the African continent is a hoax.

If we take a critical look at issues, our health system and hygiene system is the worst in the world in African countries, hence the continued existence of some of this diseases which requires vaccine. If you take Nigeria as an example, the issue of polio and tuberculosis is most prevalent in the north, the north leads in the number of cases with some of this serious ailments and unfortunately they will continue to exist because of poor hygiene and harsh weather conditions where people do not have basic amenities like electricity to help mitigate a breeding ground for some of these diseases which requires vaccine.

The corona virus vaccine is something the world is looking to access, and already its being turned into a goldmine even though the efficacy of the vaccine has not being 100 percent proven. It is not a means to depopulate Africa, as Africans themselves are finding it hard to access it even with money to pay for it.

The pope who is seen as the head of the church will be taking his own shot this week in front of tv cameras, presidents of the world including incoming American president Joe Biden took his own shot on national tv. Countries like china and Russia are even having a field day selling their vaccines to countries in the middle east and Africa because Pfizer, moderna and the rest cannot produce enough vaccine to go round.

If the vaccine was truly meant to depopulate Africa then we should have it first, but as it is over 50% of Africans will not have access to the vaccine by 2022, meanwhile the whole of Europe, America and other developed countries of the world would have being vaccinated.

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Is unimaginable and unacceptable to see Africans and Nigeria in particular accept what the west are producing, not just talking of Covid-19 vaccine but we African why we Are not believing in our self?

Why do we want to force what the producers of the vaccine do not guaranty it implication? What are our scientists doing? Where is the Madagascar Covid-19 cure that Nigerian govt say they bought, why why???

Their are many questions we most ask the handlers of our health sector because its time to stop the business and allow the country to progress. Why are we not believing we can do it by ourselves to reduce the expenses incurred and the damages on the vaccine? Covid-19 vaccine to me is just meant to depopulate Africans and have easily means of controlling us through the New world order of protocols.

To the west they think we Africans are born to serve them but by believing in ourselves for the protection of our lives and our property will be the best in controlling the virus not believing in what the west will predict…

Now, the fact that someone somewhere believes that westerners are trying to use vaccines to reduce the population in Africa is for me the weirdest thought of the 21st century.

Firstly, let’s answer some questions:
What is a vaccine? A vaccine is a biologic preparation that provides active immunity to a particular infectious disease.

How do vaccines work? They work by training and preparing the body’s immune system to recognize and fight off the virus and bacteria they target.

Now whether we like it or not, each and every one of us have received one vaccine or the other from when we were given birth to till date; if vaccines are meant to reduce our population, how is that we are very much alive and healthy till date?

With the help of vaccines, some dangerous and deadly disease has been eradicated. Small pox, for example is no longer in existence thanks to vaccination. Other diseases like polio, measles, mumps, chicken pox and typhoid are no where near as common as they were a hundred years ago; thanks to widespread of vaccination program.

And some funny thinking people will sit somewhere and imagine in their head that the same people that have helped them to stay healthy via vaccines want to use the same method to take their lives? I mean, its funny. Truth is if these westerners wish to destroy Africa today, it is super easy. These people are far advanced in technology then we are. Accept it or not, we’ve gotten no where close to where they’ve gotten. If their mission by giving us vaccines was to kill us, we would have been long gone by now…

Talking about civid-19 vaccines, let me shock some people that think it is meant to kill African’s, Joe Biden, the president elect of the united states of America, has taken a second dose of the covid-19 vaccine yesterday and has vowed to get a hundred million Americans vaccinated against the covid-19 disease within his first 100 days in office. Note, I said Americans not “Africans”. So my dear Africans, who wants to kill you? These people are suffering from this thing themselves and working hard to get rid of it and you all are hear making all sort of funny claims. While we are here claiming they want to kill us, they are busy getting themselves vaccinated and finding a way to get rid of the disease from amongst them because they know the importance of vaccination.

As long as the vast population of people are vaccinated, it is much more difficult for an outbreak of disease to occur, let alone, spread. I heard someone say " why are we being forced to take the vaccine? Its probably a scheme for the new world order"…

See, if u will not take the vaccine, and when u get infected, u will die alone, no one will insist u take it, but u see, when u don’t take it and u get infected, a thousand and one people around you are at risk if getting infected and covid-19 As we all know is a deadly disease which will cause Death of lots of people. Should that be allowed happen due to your carelessness?

These vaccines have been tested o. westerners ready, they only needed to test it on Africans also so as to have a general formula that will work for the world at large. Accept it or not, for every vaccine we are enjoying today, people were used to test the effectiveness and capacity of the vaccine before it is finally allowed to circulate. Covid-19 cannot be an exception.

Africans, please, let’s clear our head off this our crazy mentality!!!

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Conspiracy about the west trying to depopulate the Africa through vaccine was a false alarm raised by those who do not what the progress and development in Africa.

How can you condemn or side talk someone who is trying to do good to you? Bill and Melinda Gates has supported African’s in terms of finance, education and training, entrepreneurship etc. These people’s are the forerunner of progress and industrialization in Africa.

Their former doctor needs to be ask very well what he meant by those conspiracy he uttered because according to Melinda Gates all her children has been vaccinated. If the conspiracy is true, about the West trying to depopulate Africa, they should has find a simple and better method of doing that, like putting the Vaccine in drinks, medications etc because they are all smart rather than using vaccine.

In addition, you have to recalled that they used the same method of being vaccinated to help and support African’s in prevention of Polio, small pox, tuberculosis and other diseases , some years back.

We have to debunked such conspiracy for the betterment and progress in Africa because we African’s cannot exist without them, since we mainly depends on them . Also our spiritual leaders and so called politicians needs to educate us more on matters like these, to avoid side talk for those trying to see the betterment and progress in African’s.


Vaccines are not meant to stop the spread of any form of virus or to depopulate a particular region.

First we must know that vaccines are administered to humans in order to control infections and virus, no country or continent is trying to wipe another but rather these vaccines are to help especially the underdeveloped societies where the basic amenities are not made available by the government and so the issue of whether to allow the people in our societies is not optional but should be made compulsory as anyone who does not partake of the vaccine is already endangering the lives of its neighbors’, friends, colleagues and family…

Despite the polio vaccines made available to us from birth a lot of individuals still experience influenza(flu),chickenpox, mumps, measles so we wont say it is not working as our environment alone is not so conducive health wise, while in some cases these polio vaccines that are meant to be given for free are paid for in some health facilities and not everyone has the financial resource to get it for their ward…the government should not just make it compulsory but also it is available for the 200million people leaving in Nigeria.

If the west wanted to depopulate Africa as it is believed by some i do not think they would create a virus that can also kill their citizens i definitely believed since they are smart technologically they would have created some sort of virus that they would be immune to.

Bill Gates children not showing on camera taking the vaccines doesn’t mean they have not been administered the vaccines already before his a Microsoft Co-founder first his a father and not everyone likes to put their family affairs to the public. so I think he is just protecting his family from the camera and we should all be able to respect that.

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I don’t see a reason why the covid-19 vaccine should be the medium through which Europeans wipe out the African continent. Because if this was truly their intensions, they would have done it long before Africans even catch a wiff of what is going on.

The Europeans could have easily wiped out Africa by merely spiking the products Africans can’t do without importing from the west.

So, why the numerous conspiracy theories?

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Its no brainer the west are scared and interested in Africa’s population but why? simply out of concern the continent is a very poor continent growing exponentially and also having the youngest and active population. and of course they are scenarios they have called for population control, which is very understandable following the first and top priority of UN Sustainable Developmental Goal is to eliminate extreme poverty which is prevalent in Africa.
Bill gates contribution and other international aids in Africa towards health and agriculture has been a major key in fighting health issues from polio, to measles, to maternal mortality to Ebola to covid-19 and also agricultural donations such as grants, tools, new traits crops and livestock vaccines to support small farmers all to support and help in reducing poverty among the huge population of Africa.
if the west wants to depopulate Africa this and many other ways are how they will and it would have been done before now. Therefore, the question should not be are the west trying to depopulate Africa?. The question should what are africans doing to leverage on their population to boost their economy and lift the continent out of poverty so as to reduce the impact of the west on the society?
Covid -19 is no joke and its spreading fast the vaccines is going to be widely accepted and i advised we as Africans should accept it soon enough to avoid the western world leaving us behind and then when they have little or no disease burden then they begin to restrict Africans from entering their various countries and we herby go back in need of they help and aids to help fight the disease.

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The question of whether the West is trying to depopulate Africa is a daisy one. From my own perspective, I would go straight to the point and give a definite answer to the question with reasons ganared from previous evidences.
My answer is a big “Yes”. I think the west has plans of depopulating Africa and dominating Africa in so many ways.
I once watched a video where a white Supremacist who seems to be a soldier talked about a mission he embarked on in Africa together with his colleagues and their primary objective was to bring in vaccines embedded with the HIV to infect Africans in the guise of trying to save them. The western world have continued to seek ways to control the vast resources in Africa and if you go down history, you’ll understand that they have caused more harm than good in Africa. They colonized Africa, exploited our resources, enslaved our young men, transported our labour force to their countries to develop their region of the world, left remnants of the old and children in Africa and left us underdeveloped.
The reason the Bill Gates foundation is collaborating with WHO to bring harmful vaccines to Africa is because these vaccines are designed in such a form that it alters your genetic makeup, making you vulnerable to control. I learnt it has a way of emmiting signals connected to 5G networks which enables one who has been vaccinated to be controlled by the vaccinators and the producers of the vaccine.
I just know the Western world never gives Africa any free gift without taking much more in return so we Africans should be very careful as the Western gift to us has always been like the devil’s gift which usually causes us a lot of damage. The western world should allow Africa the freedom to control her resources and live in peace and harmony without undue external influence.


Why would the West want to depopulate Africa? I think that is the question every well meaning Nigerian should ask. In his book, “Why Ask Why”, John Mason asserts, “if you ask the right questions, you can find the right answers”. For many years Africans have always blamed the West for their backwardness and underdevelopment. While we don’t always get what we want, we always get what we choose. We cannot control the waves of COVID-19, we can only mitigate its impact on our health, economy and the general wellbeing of our citizens.

The Conspiracy Theories behind COVID-19 are being perpetrated by people who are either sentimental or misinformed. To make the matter worse most Africans are not educated to the level of learning how to process information correctly especially as it concerns issues of both national and international interest. The few so-called educated are suffering from what I call “paralysis of analysis”. We tend to analyze too much and criticize a lot in Africa and offer little to no solution as far as the issue of corona virus is concerned. I would love to share my candid opinion considering the following keywords in the argument at hand.

  1. New World Order

The New World Order is a conspiracy theory that hypothesizes that there is a secretly emerging totalitarian world government trying to control the world. In the case of COVID-19 vaccine this is untrue. No organization can impose the use of the vaccine. In fact, the World Health Organization and United Nations Organization have representatives from member countries who will not allow any decision that is harm to the home countries to be taken. The WHO has always updated the world about the status of COVID-19 vaccines on its official website. See the link here for details:

WHO ensures no vaccines developed can leave the shores of the country where they were manufactured without the approval of its government and without proper trial versions being tested on volunteers.

  1. Population control and depopulation of Africa

You know this is very funny. The West tested the trial version of COVID 19 vaccines on volunteers in their countries. These individuals put their lives on the line to ascertain the effectiveness of the vaccines and to help save the world. People don’t see anything good in that. All they see is depopulation. There is nothing new and secretive about population control. Family planning methods and the use of contraceptive was introduced to control overpopulation and help people access the limited resources. Then many people in the world were headed for a destination in perpetual poverty if we continued giving birth that way.

In 1979, the government of China introduced a rigorous ‘one child per family policy’ to newlyweds in the reproductive age. The government did not force anyone. They only gave incentives like free education, priority housing, pension, and family benefits. What makes people think that some people are trying to depopulate them secretly?

If those who created the vaccines could risk the lives of their citizens who volunteered for the trial stages why would they want to depopulate Africa through that means. They would have tested it on Africans first. I think this new world order stuff is pointless as far as this age is concerned.

  1. Does COVID-19 contain Mercury?

Well, there’s no evidence that the ingredients of our long awaited vaccine include Mercury or mercury based chemical. In the past mercury based substance such as ‘Thiomersal’ was used in the production of vaccines and there was no cases of harmful side effects to human body especially the brain as people claim. I read a couple of articles about what corona virus vaccine contains. You can also check it out here:

  1. Is Bill Gates up to something sinister?

I am not an advocate of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation but I think Bill’s involvement in the battle against corona virus should not have been seen as a scary scene in a horror movie. Perhaps people failed to realize that corona virus has claimed more than 70 000 people in Africa as at January 12th, 2021.

What difference does it make? We reject the vaccine people die. We take the vaccine and people still die as we supposed. Why not give the vaccination process benefit of the doubt?

If you read through the internet you would discover the production of this controversial vaccine gulped a whooping amount of money, hence a need for philanthropists to step in and donate.

For your information Bill Gates is not the only one trying to fast track the eradication of corona virus. Why would anyone think he has inserted a microchip in the vaccines to depopulate Africa. This perspective is rather unacceptable. You should understand that philanthropists will go any length foster a world free of diseases and poverty even though that may not possible in our world. Why is it that many individuals who donated food stuff to hard hit people were not seen as having an ulterior motive. They could have lased the food with poison as well. If a new world order is in place to depopulate Africa don’t you think the vaccine would have been for selected Africans? Why would people in the West also take the vaccine? Please think about it.

The likes of Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Larry Ellison of Oracle, Larry Page of Google and a host of other rich men all donated towards COVID 19 fight asides Bill Gates.


In view of the 1996 Pfizer drug trial, that took the lives of 11 children and left dozens disabled, the apprehension expressed by some Nigerians is sincerely not out of place.

It is important to note that, the all Covid-19 vaccines are all on drug trial. However, this is not to dispute the fact that a there is a pandemic, that has taken the lives of so many people(health workers inclusive).

In my opinion, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, should be willing to work hand-in-hand with Africans nations like Madagascar, who claim to have the solution to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The adoption of the vaccine from Madagascar, would have been a fine moment for Africa to make their mark on the footprints of time, hence, the layman wonders why the vaccine from Africa was not approved of, except for ulterior motives on the part of the West.

Even more, there have been verified reports of fake Covid-19 vaccines in Nigeria, hence, I wonder why Africans should not be sceptical.

In as much as the West may not have evil intentions against Africa, as they have always come to our aid, I am of the opinion that such accusations should not handled with kid gloves.

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This question is very tough to answer why depopulate Africa the vaccine is meant for curring Corona virus or to stop the virus to spread if the west want to depopulate Africa there other means they could adopt so I don’t believe the west country want to depopulate Africa with covid 19 vaccine

The question was about the West trying to depopulate Africa, not about the West trying to depopulate the West.

But you do make excellent point on means of depopulation, though.

It would be nice if you could give us insight on depopulation of Africa by the West!

I have engaged a lot of Christians (conservatives and open minded), Muslims and even non believers about this topic and from their response I could see a lot of misinformation and disorientation. Their responses are more complicated with attachment to religious and social sentiments. The conspiracy theories is not only limited to controlling birth rate but also includes some other religious and health concern i will discuss in my response below.

Firstly, the use of vaccine to prevent prevalent illness did not start today. It is an agelong medical practice used to prevent or treat infectious diseases. See link below.

Even in Nigeria immunization vaccine started in 1956 see link

The above history about vaccine being around globally and locally makes me surprised seeing people ascribing the covid 19 vaccine with different conspiracy theories that cannot be scientifically or biblically proven at least. Some religious leaders and conservatives says it is a way of initiating the 666 (meaning mark of the beast) to human which is one of the major activities of the devil after the second coming of Jesus Christ citing biblical reference. Now, these conspiracy has sold so well because many christians do not take time to study and research he bible. The 666 Mark of the beast which is one of the hallmark of the antiChrist cannot precede rapture (2nd coming of Jesus Christ). Read Revelation 13. So to say, if Christ has not yet come as at now being 1pm (WAT) of 17th January 2021, how can we have Anti-Christ?

Another conspiracy theory is that the vaccine is target at reducing the population of Africa right which is the major topic of discussion? From the history of vaccine in Nigeria, we have seen that these practice has existed even before our independence. From Polio Vaccine to Tuberculosis, to Fever etc…How come it is now that we even have more birth control pills that the West will be interested in reducing birth control in Africa than years back our grandfathers used to give birth in the 20s, 30s etc with multiple wives…How come people are beginning to question the charity of Bill Gates now when history shows he has partnered with Nigeria to eradicate polio from the North committing several billion dollars. The question is why control African birth rate now? I find this ridiculous and only the proponents of the above theory can explain the logic. Is it not funny that my uncle who is a conservative Christian would would give me many reasons why we should pray about the covid 19 vaccine yet he has to take the Yellow Fever Vaccine to travel out of Nigeria for UN peace keeping operation? Like one twitter lady commented, if the West are serious about achieving African population reduced they would have done this long ago since we depend 90% on imported goods or through their agent company in Nigeria.

Another conspiracy theory which I tend to align with is that it comes with some serious health implications. Yes, I want to agree with this. Every new project does be it technology, health, agric, education etc. When ATM was first introduced in Nigeria some people fell victims of card theft because the technology was still new. It is the same everywhere. The question is should we fold our hands and not develop a vaccine because of the few backlash the effect would have? There is usually a sacrifice for any new venture. Rather we should focus on the millions in death the vaccine will prevent having lost a tangible number in 2020. We should focus on continued improvement of the vaccine.

Lastly, some people promote these conspiracies of controlled birthrate, spiritual initiation and health challenges being posed by the vaccine because they do not believe the pandemic and its damaging consequences. Hence, at best they really do not care. If we say we do not want a lockdown occasioned by the second wave of the pandemic because we cannot afford a palliative or a closed economy that will affect our survival: then vaccine is the necessary and lesser of all the evils.


Health workers are a bit skeptical about this vaccine and study shows only about 53% have agreed if not already taken this Covid-19 vaccine. The question of vaccines are used to depopulate Africa is not necessarily far fetched. if not, why have these health workers and even prominent citizens refused to take this vaccine ?

Withstanding that, i do not think the aim is to depopulate Africa but they see us as lab rats that they can merely afford to lose so why not right? I will also like to point out the fact that we Africans depend on the different sectors of the West vehemently. It is obvious that they want to have the upper hand and control us so that we may never stand on our own. We have refused to take things in our hands so we have no other option but to lean and depend on the West.

However, with everything going on this past months it is evidently proven that Africans are incapable of handling these situations without their help. We do not have the facilities or cooperations from our government to achieve even half of what they have. We have taken several vaccines and till this day they have proven effective.
About 60% of the profits they make are mostly from Africans, so wanting us scarce may not necessarily be the case but they definitely can afford to lose us if need be.