Is the Lagos Flood Getting Worse?


Over the past few days, photos and videos of how the flood-affected people and properties in Lagos have taken over social media. In places like Lekki and Ajah, cars were almost submerged in the dirty muddy water and at this point, people are wondering if this is just due to blocked drainage or something bigger is at play here.

As expected, some residents of the state have lambasted the state government over its failure to provide a proper drainage system to prevent constant flood which is ravaging their areas.


According to some, the flood in Lagos can no longer be attributed to poor drainage systems but a global climate crisis, while others believe that Lagos is about to be completely submerged underwater because the state is only a few centimeters above sea level.

What do you think is the real reason behind the incessant flooding of major areas in the state?
It is no news that Lagos is surrounded and even on top of a large water body, do you think that the issue of floods in the state can be brought to a minimum or it will only get worse?