Is A Court Dress Really Necessary?

Do other people also have reservations towards this British-Colonised-Nigerian Lawyers attire that is largely referred to as a court dress or is it just me?

I believe that this court dress happens to be a mode of dressing for lords in the United Kingdom and it can even be dated as far back as the medieval period. And in all the 60 years that Nigerian has been severed from the British, she is yet to relieve its people from copying it colonizer.


When will Nigeria stand on its own and create its own value system that doesn’t depend on other cultures?

What other practices do you think Nigerians unnecessarily hold on to despite the fact that it negates our culture?

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This dress code for lawyers in Nigeria is a fundamental issue bothering on a colonial mentality. How else can one view this ridiculous and mostly uncomfortable attire. It is not essentially bad to borrow from another culture but certainly not at the cost of eroding ones indigenous culture which preserves original norms and has evolved with due cognizance of the home environment and climate. Seeing lawyers suffer under the yoke of colonial vestiges is a real joke when you consider they are supposedly learned…

Great!!! I believe there is nothing wrong with being properly dressed to the court room and not necessarily being in black and white, but NO! it is not enough and Lawyers have to rope themselves in a drape just to be able to present and argue their case before the law.

Why is Nigerians will just woke on day and thinking contrary to what it has been an existing norms and custom of the people my brother why are you thinking of changing the mode of dressing of the lawyer,s attire I want you to know that it is this cloth that facinate parents to allow their wards to be a lawyer some traditional mother will say I want to be a proud mother want to see my child in this garments Nigerians want to change everything and is giving us lots of problem

No vex! What I mean is that lawyers should wear more comfortable clothes that suit our weather. They should also be proud of being African and proudly show this in their robes. The borrowed robes have been with us for over a hundred years. It is about time we show our colonial master’s that we are truly independent and creative people. Modifications that don’t affect the dignity of the robes can easily be achieved by making it a competition amongst fashion designers. They will come up with options from which the one that best suit our identity as Africans, is dignifying and comfortable for our climate can be selected.
I daresay the result would make a parent even more proud to have a lawyer in the family.

so, from your point of view, you belief that we should leave things as they are and make our Nigerians parents proud as a lawyer by wearing a court dress.
I’m not sure this counts as a tangible reason not to make a change. Remember, change is the only constant thing and I think it is high time Nigeria adopt a formal dressing for lawyers other than a court dress.

Exactly!! I believe this has more to do with having an identity. There are a lot more options to choose from than roping ourselves in another man’s identity. Breaking out of the norm is not a bad thing. I believe the right word for this is to evolve.