IPOB Members Shot Dead by the Police…. Was That Really Necessary?

It has been reported that the police opened fire on the indegenous people of Biafra while having a meeting in Emene, Enugu on Sunday 23 august, 2020.

The reason for this inhuman behavior that the police exhibited seems to be because of the purpose of their meeting, which would be on ‘Biafra’ since they are IPOB members.

A lot of people who have been supporting the actions of the police since this incident happened seem to have forgotten that the victims of this bloodbath have rights which were disregarded.

The police could have arrested them on suspicious behavior and then detained and questioned, but they decided to open fire on them which must have been an order from a higher authority in an effort to disband the group and create fear to every of their other members.

The actions of the police are also not surprising as this is not the first time such has happened. There are several cases that show unexplained arrested and unwarranted deaths of IPOB members over the years.

For example, on the 15th of February 2019, the Nigerian police killed about 5 IPOB members and also unexplainably arrested a total of 15 of them in Imo State.

There have also been reports of how IPOB members, in retaliation to police brutality also burn down police stations.

I believe that a better way to resolve this issue should be brought up and put into practice. Two wrongs cannot make a right. What can be the way out?