International Students In USA At The Verge Of Deportation

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced on Monday that international students can either leave the country or risk being deported if schools eventually operate through the online platform.

The only way to avoid returning back to their various countries or being deported is to transfer to a school with in-person instruction.

Some schools have already announced their decision on how they will operate the next academic session. A school like Harvard has decided that her next academic session will be done online. This puts its international students in a fix as they need to make a decision of transferring to another school or going back to their home countries and attend classes online.

Other countries and schools have also started making decisions on how their next academic year will be.

If most schools eventually adapt the online method of learning for its students, do you think students who are already used to the in-person instruction will cope or effectively learn with this new method?

As for the Nigerian students who might come back to the country because of this new policy, don’t you think the situation of this country will affect their learning process as there might not be adequate electricity or good network connection?

I think this is a very bad decision (or is it not?) for the USA, because the country would lose all the monies international contribute to the American economy. Staying in the US is not cheap.